Oct 5, 2007


Day 3:
After a lovely breakfast at a local bakery, Trevor and I hopped on our bikes to watch Diogo take some practice runs before competing in the BMX Park Finals. Our time of take off for Boulder City (where the Interbike Dirt Demo takes place) was 2pm (the exact time the finals started) so practice was the only thing we were able to check out.


Diogo putting his pads on.
Diogo cranking.

2pm hit and it was back to the Penske; we decided to grab some snacks at the Salt Lake Wild Oats before hitting the open road. Let's just say there was no place to park the truck but over the sidewalk.

Once outside of Salt Lake the rains came a tumbling down - we were happy to not have been on the road when this semi jack-knifed.

I was making sure we were on track.

After the rains, we were welcomed into the state of Nevada with sunny skies and beautiful farm land.

Still pushing the Penske past 65 mph - the governor of Penske county wasn't as sharp as he thought.
Ah...filling a truck that size isn't so friendly on the wallet.

As the darkness of night approached so did the lights of Las Vegas - we had finally hit our destination where we would be for 7 days.

Dirt Demo up next!

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