Oct 4, 2007


2 weeks of bikes, bikes, bikes, more bikes, and a bit of bike riding in Moab; now I am back in Seattle and ready to fill you all in on the happenings photo essay style. Enjoy and check out our new 2008 line at raleighusa.com

Here's Day 2 of our road trip:

Trevor and I needed some breakfast before the long haul to Salt Lake City; we stopped at a diner in Boise, ID that was saturated with home cooking - if you get what I mean!

I was loving the traditional diner brown coffee mug and the drab decor.

My breakfast consisted of two eggs sunny side up, hash browns, four (yes, four) pieces of bacon, and a side of wheat toast with raspberry jam. Once I was finished I had left at least half of every object on the plate which baffled the waitress - I guess in Idaho you finish everything on your plate.

As a kid I always loved watching the DOT paint the lines on the interstate; to say the least I was happy to come across this exact vehicle painting the center lines in Utah.

Trevor had the best sun coverage I've ever seen - I asked if I could try them on for the drive.

Pringles for Trevor.

Terra chips for me.

Finally...Salt Lake City! Not only was the Dew Tour happening, but the Ringling Brothers were in town as well. We grabbed our BMX bikes and rolled around Salt Lake in search of the Dew Tour Venue.

Once we found it, it was straight to the dirt track to watch Diamondback BMX rider Nate Berkheimer roll the course in the prelims. Trevor and I had Team Manager passes which put us front and center with a VIP view.

Ogio landed in style with their private helicopter.

With our Team Manager passes we were granted passage to the Athletes lounge for a hearty meal; I could pass up the opportunity to get a photo with the skeleton figure that greeted us.

After dinner we headed over to the evening dirt finals - Trevor on the sidelines.

Trevor's transportation.

My transportation - diamondback Lucky 24 - thanks to Mike Brown (Diamondback Product Designer) for letting me borrow his custom bike.

Diogo Canina (black shirt 2nd one in from the right) hanging with other BMX athletes atop a motocross jump watching the dirt finals.

James Foster was the winner of the dirt finals with a run that blew my mind; it went a little something like this but better:

After the excitement of the dirt finals and 7 hours in the Penske it was time to hit the hotel for a night of slumber.


Neil@ROAD said...

When you guys were driving to Vegas, did you play the "anal" game? Carey knows what I'm talking about...

CS-H of Raleigh said...

I mentioned it and phrases were thrown around in the same giddy fashion that you, Reed, and I did.

Fun stuff...can't wait to ride with you again and find more "chargers, explorers, pathfinders, and focuses.