Oct 5, 2007


Sunday Sept. 23rd: Dirt Demo setup went super smooth and by the time the product team arrived it was basically done! So, we all decided to hit the trails for a couple hours to play on the new bikes, loosen our bodies, and avoid the crowds that would plug the trails for the next 2 days.


Unfortunately we got one flat:
Mike H. (Diamondback BMX Product Designer) fixing his flat.

Kyle C. (Raleigh Product Designer), Mike B. (Diamondback Product Designer), Paul G. (Parts & National Brands Manager), Chris S.-doing his Jim Carrey impression (Director of Product Development), & me behind the the camera (Carey S-H - Raleigh Brand Manger).

After the ride it was time to eat; we walked about 300ft down to Bob's All Family Restaurant

Trevor was kind enough to escort us into the diner.

Though it said Bob's on the outside, it was Bradley that would be treating us to some traditional BBQ.

Mike H. and Chris S. getting excited about the BBQ selections.

The half rack was the choice of everyone at the table except me, I went for the hickory smoked sausage.

Chris S. was thoroughly enjoying his "RIB-CICLE" as the sun was setting. To say the least we all walked away with bellies full of BBQ ready to tackle the next day of Dirt Demo.

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Anonymous said...

I feel neglected that my contribution to the "Pass it Around" piece was left out. Kyle and I put some hard work into that. :)

Kidding . . . nice work on this.