Oct 6, 2007


Monday September 24th - Dirt Demo

Dirt Demo is a chance for dealers, magazine editors, and media to test ride 2008 product from every bike company that sets up tents and brings demo fleets. The bikes we brought were:


The wind was blowing, the sun was hot, the racks were full, and we were looking forward to a busy day of swapping out pedals and talking bikes.

Dan N. (Avenir Product Manger) helping turn bars - Trevor happy to be in the shade of the Penske - Chris S. getting a Prestige ready for a test ride.

We packed the grill and Mike H. cooked up some stellar breakfast burritos - black beans, hash browns, bacon, avocado, tomato, cheese, grilled onion, salsa, and eggs!

We had about 4+ workstands up and ready to change pedals and do minor adjustments. We were a well oiled machine ready to get as many bikes out and under people as we could; which wasn't very hard as our racks were consistently empty the entire day.

The bike that got the most attention was the Sojourn, our new touring bike (look for a full post on this bike in the next couple of days).

Mike B. feeling a little left out.

After 9+ hours in the sun & wind, changing pedals, adjusting seats, talking bikes - a 15 min nap sounded pretty good.

Dirt Demo Day 1 was complete and was a great success for both us (Raleigh) and Diamondback; people were stoked on all the bikes.


After a long day of work we hit the local brewery, nourished our bodies with liquid, food, and laughter. I passed the camera around the table for a self portrait session; minus a couple folks this is the result.

Curious objects on the street:

Being Seattlelites we really don't have to worry about heat as much as we do flooding, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions.
The plaque that accompanied this sculpture read:

"At the height of Hoover Dam construction, more than 7,000 men labored in Black Canyon. Some jobs were glamorous and exciting, such as the high scalers who swung over the canyon on ropes or the cable way operators who kept concrete buckets moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other jobs were mundane, but no less important:...like the man you see here, those who swept the outhouses and kept them well supplied with paper."

I couldn't resist climbing atop this "mundane" worker.

The signs of Boulder City were super cool and I wish I had taken more photographs of them. The one bellow had to be recorded, after all we have a whole series of mountain bikes called MOJAVE'S.

One more day of Dirt Demo and then off to the show.

Until then - Enjoy the Ride!

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