Jan 22, 2008


One of the most valuable resources available to any bike manufacturer, is a local dealer that supports its product line through both retail sales and promotional activities. Founded in 1994, Seattle's Recycled Cycles is one of Raleigh's top local dealers; Recycled Cycles is a bike aficionado's dream, renowned for its vast collection of new, used and collectible bikes, frames and parts.

The Recycled Cycled Racing Team is one of the region's most active clubs with over 35 members racing in various disciplines of road, track, mountain, and cyclocross. Raleigh has been the bike sponsor of the Recycled Racing team for the past 5 seasons.

Recently, they have been firecrackers at posting on their blog and it has been fun to follow the team through the race seasons and off seasons through their entertaining blog postings. This weekend found the team up near the Canadian border for a weekend training camp...little did they know that they should have brought their skis rather than their bikes:

Check out their blog...here.

Check out Recycled Cycles site...here.


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