Jan 25, 2008


Our new ad in the March issue of Bicycling

Check out the One Way...here
Check out the new BICYCLING Issue...here



Fritz said...

Some people on the ICEBIKE mailing list were talking about the One Way -- they weren't previously familiar with it but saw it featured in Bicycling. The ad looks great.

Mau said...

Last year I bought a One Way for a short commute I had and had no idea how much I would enjoy this bike. Within a month or two my $3K road bike just collected dust and sobbed as I put mile after mile on the One Way. Honestly it's the "Greatest Bike" I have ever owned. Rode 4000 miles on it plus a century ride at the end of summer. Not to brag. Just saying this bike far surpasses any expectations I had. So versatile and so much fun to ride. This winter it is getting an Extreme Makeover in wheels and parts to get it ready for another fun filled summer......

A great bike and I highly recommend it!!!!!!! Good work Raleigh :)

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas, a pair of tight jeans and a Brooks saddle. Yeah, that looks great.

CS-H of Raleigh said...

fritz - I guess it is true that ads make impacts...glad to know this was noticed - the bike is sweet so it is kind of hard not too (smile).

mau - thanks for your short review on the One Way. I'm happy to hear stories such as this...it of course always helps validate what we are doing around and it helps you (and everyone else) to have a blast while riding a bike. Cheers to finding that perfect bike!

anon - You must have seen this in Las Vegas because the shot was taken in Tacoma, WA? Glad you love the shot! We think it is pretty great as well!

Enjoy the Ride!