Dec 5, 2007


Jan-Feb 2008 Issue

Page 026.

We sent Neil@ROAD a 2007 Supercourse last year and he decided to make it a "project" bike. In this issue of ROAD "Raleigh Revisited Part-II" is a short write-up of how Neil upgrades his Supercourse - which wears the same carbon frame as our TEAM, Prestige, and Competition road bikes - only it comes in at a wallet friendly price point of $1525.

Back in Sept. we invited Neil out to participate in our local MS150 ride - we put him on a 2008 Prestige for a good two days of riding (1st day 100 mi. 2nd 75mi. - click here and here for the full story) he went back to sunny California and got inspired to upgrade his Supercourse.

"After several good climbing surges, it became apparent that the bike's classic geometry and unfaltering gruppo were designed for riders who like to go hard..."

" speed, the A.C.E. Evolution carbon fiber frame smoothly rolled with minimal power being wasted."

Spec. Update:
Wheels set: Mavic R-SYS
Tires: Continental Grand Prix 4000
Brake Levers: Shimano Ultegra SL
Brakes: Shimano Ultegra SL
Handlebars: FSA K-Force Monocoque
Headset: FSA
Saddle: fizi:k Arione
Seatpost: FSA K-Force
Shifters: Shimano Ultegra SL
Stem: FSA OS-099
Drivetrain: Full Shimano Ultegra SL

Page 036.

An article titled, "Unique Needs of Novice Racers" explores and breakdown the world of novice racing and its relation to professional racing; from season scheduling, to peaks for riders, to tactics, and so on. On the second page of the article is and awesome photograph of a Raleigh - First Rate Mortgage rider Kenny Williams claiming victory on a Team frame at this years Interbike Industry Cup.

Page 005-006.

On the first opening pages we also placed this beautiful ad for our ACE Evolution/Direct Connect carbon Team frame/set.

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