Dec 20, 2007


I received an email yesterday titled, "Holiday Christmas Tree via Bike" from one of our Raleigh/Diamondback Territory Managers. A picture was attached and a version of the above picture popped up...the first thing I said aloud was, "Super rad!"

Rob A. is the Territory Manager that caters to the Raleigh/Diamondback dealers in the northern half of the great central valley of California, the Serra Nevada mountain range and Northern Nevada. So, when I saw this picture I immediately shot him an email with some questions and this is a bit how it went:

From: Carey
To: Rob
Yo Rob,
What's up? I just got the great picture of you hauling your Christmas tree home on a bike...super rad! I'd love to post it on the you answers the questions below?

What city are you in?
How far did you haul the tree?
What bike are you on?
What was the ride like?

Thanks Rob.

So...I was excited to receive an email not to long ago with his reply and some added pictures:


The photo was taken in front of my house in Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, California. I hauled the tree about 2 miles. I was participating in the 2 mile challenge (and a bit more) long before Cliff Bar began their campaign. I support their 2 mile challenge and enthusiastically participate.

The bike is a 1993 Diamondback Axis TR. It is one of my favorite bikes we've ever made. I’m glad the XXIX has resurrected the cromolly hard tail, which is the most versatile bike ever made. This bike is Xtracycle modified.

The ride was delightful. The photo of the other side of the bike shows the firewood (in a box) that also came home on the bike. I also like to ride my Kayak to our local water.

The Xtracycle is going back on my coaster brake “valley bike,” pictured about to leave for the Salvation Army. That bike is built on a 1989 Diamondback Apex frame, smoke paint job. I like that set up. I had the Axis bike Xtracycle modified for a short tour during Thanksgiving weekend, which included significant climbing, necessitating the 24 speeds.

Thanks for asking. I’m pretty sure you got more info than you were looking for.

Also, for more Xtracycle antics check out and links contained there. My friends are riding 5,000 miles to Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. It’s a rock n’ roll bicycle tour. They are in Baja California right now. When they rode through Fair Oaks I served them breakfast for 16 at my house and rode with the whole posse to Davis. Fantastic! Big bike spirit, big fun.

Merry Christmas, late Chanukah greeting, pre-solstice salutation …


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