Sep 20, 2007


We ( Carey - Raleigh Brand Manager & Trevor - Diamondback Brand Manager) are off to Las Vegas Nevada for a week of fun filled adventures at Interbike 2008!

Today was the start of the trip for us; the rest of the Raleigh convoy will follow on Sunday. While everyone else will be flying, Trevor and I waved our hands excitedly to drive the big yellow truck housing our fleet of Dirt Demo bikes.

DAY 1: Seattle, WA to Boise, ID

Straight out of the gate we rigged up our ghetto stereo system so we could play our ipods. The gadget on the right is something everyone should own - it plugs into your cigarette lighter and offers you 2 outlets that you can plug anything into (except a vacuum - which I tried once); no worries about buying extra car adapted cords for your ipod, speakers, phones, computers, cameras, etc.

Madonna was the soundtrack of choice through the wine country of eastern Washington. Trevor was enjoying it for sure.

"Oh, bummer! This truck has a governor on it - won't let us take her past 65 mph," Trevor observed. On the downhills we tricked it and slapped it into neutral - 75 mph and gaining.

Trevor enjoying the Columbia River right before we pass into Oregon.

My first time to Interbike, first time driving a really-really big truck and I must admit I totally dig driving it.
Evening Sunset - expressionist style. Just as the sun was starting to set we passed a sign claiming, "45th Parallel Halfway Between the Equator and North Pole."

We came across a massive concrete plant, it was the only light for miles; as we approached it, it seemed as if we were coming across a small Si-Fi city.

Just outside Boise (our destination) we stopped for some gas and a little windshield cleaning. The bugs are massive on those dry desert plains.

Now we are off to Salt Lake City for the AST Dew Tour - where Diamondback BMX riders
Diogo Canina & Nate Berkheimer will be competing.

Until then enjoy the ride!

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

See you in Sin City!

Free beers on me!