Jul 6, 2007


We are excited to introduce the all-new Cadent FT Series, the most sophisticated performance hybrid line we have made. Bridging the gap between road and hybrid, the Cadent FT Series features our Re²P (Relaxed, Ergonomic, Effective Positioning) geometry, which improves comfort without sacrificing performance, and we have equipped all the FT models with flat handle bars for added stability.

Our Cadent FT line invites an array of riding styles; it's designed around the rider who wants the nimble handling and speed of a road bike but doesn’t want to be hunched over or feel unstable while riding on drop bars. The FT line is user friendly, with a frame design that is quick and peppy for weekly interval training, nimble and stable for year-round commuting, comfortable and efficient for weekend century rides, and relaxed for a casual afternoon of trail riding with the family.

The Cadent FT line comes in four models: Cadent FC (C=Carbon), Cadent FT3, Cadent FT2, and Cadent FT1 (men’s and women’s).


Introducing the all-new Cadent FC (C=Carbon), the most sophisticated performance hybrid we have made. Using carbon technology from our award winning ACE/Direct Connect (Advanced Carbon Engineered) carbon road frame, the Cadent FC sets a new standard in flat bar road performance. Newly enhanced with the super sharp Shimano Sora drivetrain and an Avenir flat bar for responsive stability/comfort, the Cadent FC is the bike of choice for any rejuvenating workout, long road ride, or commute.

Sophisticated versatility. Bridging the gap between road and hybrid, the Cadent FT3’s Re²P (Relaxed, Ergonomic, Effective Positioning) geometry improves comfort without sacrificing performance, creating a lively feel when you are pushing your limits. Geared with a Shimano Tiagra drivetrain, light weight hydro-formed aluminum frame, carbon fork, and Shimano R500 wheelset, the Cadent FT3 is one bike that craves speed.

Nimble, fast, refreshing, and sophisticated. With increased stability and comfort thanks to the new Avenir flat bar and our Re²P geometry, the Cadent FT2 will conquer anything you throw its way. From fitness intervals up hills or a brisk morning commute – you’ll roll with precision, style and confidence. Complete with Shimano Sora Drive train, carbon fork, and hydro-formed Atomic 13 aluminum frame.


Designed around the rider that wants the speed and agility of a road bike, but also wants comfort and stabilit, the Cadent FT1 will get you quickly and safely across town or keep you up to speed with your weekend club rides. Integrated with our Re²P (Relaxed, Ergonomic, Effective Positioning), the FT1 provides comfort well beyond the 25 mile mark and the stability of the flat bar gives confidence while rolling with cars in city traffic. Women’s and men’s models available.

Coming soon to our website: raleighusa.com


Lynn said...

I can't wait to check these out. When will they be available?

CS-H of Raleigh said...

Early August is when you should see these bikes on the floor of your local dealer.

Glad to read you are excited to check these out.


debchick said...

I have just ordered a Cadent FT2. However, I have heard this bike has a shifting problem...anyone else heard about this?

Bhavin said...

Bought this bike a month ago..
My front forks make a squeaking noise
on eery ride. Kinda irritating. Will take it to LBS. Hope this issue is fixed else I am not buying another Raleigh!!!

Hector said...

I just bought (a few hours ago) the FT1. I can't wait to ride it. It is exactly what I was looking for!

Joan said...

My bike squeaks too. What is that?

Matthew (Sg) said...

Bought the FT01. Everythings was smooth and good except for the squeaking noise coming from the front stem/ fork. Toeing in of brake pads and tightening of nuts and screws doesnt help! Anybody has a similar problem and found a solution??

Lawrence Grace said...

Are your brakes rubbing?