Apr 30, 2007


1} Outside Magazine's Buyer’s Guide is out and our Supercourse got the "KILLER VALUE" stamp. "A race-ready bargain. Raleigh reclaims some of its Tour de France-winning heritage with its new line of full carbon, race-specific frames."

2} Raleigh, along with Shimano and Trek, is participating in Bicycling's BikeTown project. Our target city is Minneapolis, MN, where 50 of our Coasting bikes will be presented to 50 individuals. "Five years ago, BikeTown began with an editorial experiment. What would happen if we gave some people a new bike? Would they ride it? Would it make a difference in their lives?"

3} The folks at Alternative Medicine Magazine have been rolling around on our Coasting bike for the last month. They found it to be so efficient and fun that they included it in there list of how to be "more green this spring." We should also see a letter in the next issue of Alternative from the editor paying homage to our Coasting bike.

Bicycling's Editor's Choice Award's issue is out and the Competition looks pretty sharp in juxtaposition to the "thumbs up" icon.

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