Jan 31, 2007

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A rave review of the 2007 Prestige graces page 95 of Bicycling magazine's MARCH issue. "Value Priced Carbon Bikes" is the theme of the article and the Prestige came in as the lightest and most peppy of the five bikes tested, which included Felt, Giant, Jamis, and Schwinn. “THE FACT THAT WE EVEN COMPARE THE PRESTIGE TO HIGH-DOLLAR RACE/DREAM BIKES SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING – IT’S NOT IN THE SAME LEAGUE, BUT IT’S CLOSER THAN THE PRICE TAG SUGGESTS,” commented Ron Koch, the product tester. With an outstanding review and a feature cover under its seat, the Prestige is "lightly" brushing up interest. Why not play on an intelligently designed machine that only costs $2,625?

Jan 21, 2007


By using the most advance technologies available in carbon design, our product development group and engineers have created a frame that is feather light. Weighing in at 1 kilo (960g for a 57cm) – our 2007 road frame wears a unique stiffness:weight ratio making this frame the lightest and most durable frame Raleigh as ever made.


{1} Each tube starts as sheets of High Modulus carbon fiber that are laid-up for specific tube shape and function requirements. Creating our Advanced Carbon Engineering Evolution Tube sets. {2} After a carefully controlled cooling process the tubes are miter cut to very specific lengths for assembly into a frame. {3} Each tube is bonded to another tube while being held in place in a frame jig ensuring exact alignment. {4} The joints are then over-wrapped with a series of high Modulus carbon fiber strips to reinforce the joint. Then the entire frame (still mounted in the frame jig to ensure exact alignment) compresses each joint using proprietary methodology and tooling. Then is re-heated so the resin of the wrapping strips bonds with the tubes creating a very strong and sculpted joint.


We are able to produce a frame that eliminates the use of lugs and overlapping joints, which reduces weight significantly. Another advantage to constructing frames with the Direct Connect Technology is the ability to individually give each tube their own specific carbon lay-up (known as our A.C.E. Evolution {scroll down to see this story}). Lastly, this technology gives us flexibility in engineering geometry that is race-ready.


Team Frame/set
Cadent Carbon

A.C.E (Advanced Carbon Engineering) EVOLUTION
A.C.E Evolution is the designation used to describe our High Modulus Carbon that is used to create the carbon tubes used in the Direct Connect Carbon frames. It is made up of Uni-Directional carbon layers that are specifically laid up to create a unique profile for each carbon tube.

The Evolution of A.C.E reduces the weight of carbon without sacrificing the strength or stiffness. We have eliminated the cosmetic/aesthetic weave finish to further shave grams and designed the tubing to compliment our Direct Connect process. The result – a frame that is so intelligent it will respond without hesitation to your every move.

Enjoy the Ride!

Jan 11, 2007


Our 2007 Raleigh Prestige is featured on the cover of Bicycling magazine's JAN/FEB issue. The Prestige is showcased for the cover article: "The Year I Did Everything Right." The Prestige is also featured on the table of contents and title pages. Look for a review in the March/April issue, otherwise swing down to one of your local dealers and test ride one today.

Jan 10, 2007

2006/2007 AD ARCHIVE

A quick posting of our 2006/2007 ads - just wanted to get them up to archive. Enjoy, if you haven't already encountered them in your readings. We will be adding (no pun intended) more as they are placed. Thanks for looking.

Jan 8, 2007


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Jan 2, 2007


Our good friends at Over The Edge Sports in Fruita, CO partnered with two families over the holidays to provide bikes to underprivileged youth for Christmas. Fruita is just outside of Grand Junction and 20 miles from the Utah border, making it a great hub for all outdoor activities, especially cycling.

A handful of anonymous donors who happen to love bikes extended their enthusiasm for the sport by helping to donate 21 Raleigh and Diamondback bicycles. They ranged from toddler-size bikes to those that any teenager would love to ride. The shops manager, Jerry Wolf, was glad to be donating bikes that were not, as he put it, "cheap department store bikes, they're definitely safer and higher quality bikes."

Media coverage included a front page feature in the Grand Junction Free Press . Channel 11 News, the NBC affiliate in Grand Junction, also did a feature story on the good deeds of this Fruita community.
We hope that 2007 is filled with a lot more bicycle cheer and good deeds! Enjoy.